Welcome to EverCon!

EverCon is a benefit gaming convention, supporting the students and faculty at Everitt Middle School in Wheatridge, CO.  This year, it will be held on April 26th and 27th, 2014.  Over half of Everitt’s student body come from low income families which can make fundraising within Everitt families difficult.  School budgets consistently fail to provide sufficient funds, leaving students and teachers with an unnecessary daily struggle to overcome unmet needs.  We’re asking gamers, veterans or newbies, to come out and support kids and education as best they can.  If you’re not (yet) a gamer, you and your family will still benefit from attending this event!  Meet our special guests, learn new games, shop with community businesses— even just come have lunch and observe.

This year, EverCon is focusing on our efforts on raising money for the Music Department which has a $10K+ budget shortfall.  Funds are badly needed for instrument repair, sheet music, field trips and basic classroom supplies.  The school offers symphonic band, concert band, jazz band, choir, men’s choir, orchestra and guitar class.   44% of all Everitt students participate in a music class everyday.  Multiple academic studies have shown that music students are more successful in academics.  Let’s support this program!  Additional academic programs will lend their support and also receive earmarked funds for their classrooms.

We want EverCon to be fun.  We want EverCon to bring out gamers of all skill levels and all ages.  To help facilitate that, we have come up with several special offerings: 

  • Scheduled Games:  EverCon guests will be able to sign up in advance (online or at the door) to save their spot in our many scheduled games.  Think of it as “going to game school.”  You’ll head to the assigned time at game time and an EverCon volunteer will teach the game.  If you’re new to games, look for games that are marked “All Levels.”  (All Levels games are also great for veterans.)  For kids as young as 4th grade, look for games that are marked “All Ages.”  Feel free to also attend those games if you’re in 5th, 6th, 7th…. Any grade through 105th.
  • Game Library:  EverCon will be providing a huge selection of games to check out in the Game Library and play in the Open Gaming area.  You can play any game from the library, any time the library is open.  Don’t know what to choose or how to play?  EverCon voluteers will be on hand to help you select the right game and learn how to play it.
  • Little Meeples:  Kids ages 4 through 4th grade can game too!  We will have several kid-friendly titles available in the Game Library.  Plus, check out our Domino Demolition and Giant Games area.  (Children under age 12 should be supervised by a responsible person at all time.  We are currently not staffed for child care services but may be in the future.)
  • Play-to-Win:  EverCon’s generous donors support our Play-to-Win program.  When you play-to-win, your name will go into a drawing to win a copy of the game!  Look for Play-to-Win on EverCon’s scheduled games or find a copy in the Game Library.  Our volunteers will make sure all players are entered into the drawing.
  • Gaming with Designers:  Ever wonder how games get made?  Several local game designers will be at EverCon to play their games with you and answer your questions about the game industry.  Be sure to check the schedule for details.
  • Dexterity Challenge:  Sunday afternoon, bring a teammate and compete in EverCon’s Dexterity Challenge.  You will play games like Animal Upon Animal, Operation and Tumblin’ Dice for prizes.  Don’t know how to play?  Not a problem.  We’ll teach you.  Sign up in advance online or at the door.
  • Giant Gaming:  EverCon staff knows that sometimes we need to over-the-top for the most fun in gaming.  This year, we’re bringing you “Giant Gaming” where you can play over-sized versions of classic games like Jenga and Yahtzee.  Grab an opponent and head over to play any time.
  • Domino Demolition: We know that few things are as much fun as knocking stuff over and making a big mess.  Gamers of all ages will work together to build domino courses… and then let them rip!  Open all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • Scavenger Hunt:  New to games?  EverCon’s scavenger hunt is a great way to learn about board games and RPGs.  Plus, you can win great prizes.  Each completed hunt can be turned in for free raffle tickets.
  • Mind Games Live – EverCon Edition:  Throughout the weekend, you can catch trivia questions, word puzzles and other brain burners scrolling on the big screen.  Turn your answers in for the chance to win prizes!  Brought to you by Mind Games Live pub games.
  • EverCon “After Hours”:  Didn’t get enough gaming in by 7PM on Saturday night?  Head on over to Adventurer’s Quarter in Olde Town Arvada for EverCon After Hours.  Open and scheduled gaming will be available.  Be sure to sign up online or at the door.

More great stuff you’ll find at EverCon:

  • Raffle & Silent Auction:  Our generous donors have provided tons of great items for our raffle and silent auction.  Raffle tickets are available for purchase online in advance of the event and at Everitt music concerts and other activities.  You will also be able to buy raffle tickets at EverCon.  The raffle will take place at 2:00PM on Sunday afternoon.  (You do not need to be present to win.)  Our silent auction will start at 9:30AM Saturday and run until 4:00PM Sunday.  Bids will be taken at EverCon and online via BoardGameGeek.com.  More details on prizes and items up for auction coming soon!
  • Concessions:  We will be offering lunch and dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday at the concessions area.  The grill will be fired up and turning out hot dogs, brats, burgers and a vegetarian selection.  Chips and drinks will also be available. (Please do not bring outside food into the school.)

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