Gaming with Designers

Colorado is lucky enough to be home to several published and up-and-coming game designers.  And, if you know the game industry, you’ll understand what an accomplishment this is.  If you’re not familiar with the game industry, then this is a great way to learn about it!

Designers will be hosting games throughout the weekend.  You’ll not only get to play the game, but also learn about how it was conceived, the playtest process, the publication process and more.  Our Designers will be glad to answer your questions.  Some of their games will also be available for Play-to-Win and in the Game Library.

Stay tuned for more information about Gaming with Designers coming soon.

In the meantime, here are links to information about a few of the designers we are expecting:

Are you a game designer or know a game designer who would like to volunteer at EverCon?  Contact us!