Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a game convention and why should I attend?

A. A game convention is a gathering of hobby gamers and the general public where board games, card games and role-playing games are organized by hosts (usually called Game Masters) and enjoyed by people new to the hobby and well-seasoned veterans alike.  In the majority of cases, you do not need to know how to play the games ahead of time.  Game Masters will teach you.  Often, game conventions are the place gamers go to learn newly published games, play rare/out-of-print games (a.k.a. “Holy Grails), play games that they do not have time or enough players to play elsewhere, and… most importantly: have a good time with friends, new and old.  

Q. I’m a new gamer, how will I know what to play?

A. In the Game Library/Demo Area, knowledgeable volunteers will help you select the right game… and even teach it to you! All scheduled games, unless otherwise noted, include a teaching session just before the game starts. All games descriptions on our schedule will include labels to help you select games that you will be able to pick up on quickly.  Gaming is about having fun.  If you’re frustrated with the learning curve, you’ll be missing the whole point!  Game Librarian and Game Professor volunteers an also recommend what to play.  Just ask!

Descriptions to look for:

  • All Levels: Even if you have never heard of or seen this game before, you’ll be able to understand the rules quickly and get right into playing.  All ages unless otherwise noted.
  • All Ages:  These games are perfect for ages 10 – 999.  Usually these games are easy to learn and include some math, language skills or logic skills but are not extremely complex.
  • Experienced Players Only:  A few games on our schedule will have this label.  This means that players should have a few plays of the game under their belt, should not need a rules review session and should come to the table with their best strategies ready to go.  We will usually try to also offer a New Gamer Friendly session of these games, if possible.  
  • Play-to-Win: These games are part of our prize program.   Click here for more information.  
  • Game with Designers: Colorado-based game designers will be at EverCon to run games and answer your questions about the game industry.

If you have questions about games on the schedule at any time before EverCon, email us at evercondenver@gmail.com.

Volunteer Staff will be happy to answer your questions at the convention as well.

Q.  How much does it cost to attend EverCon?

A.  EverCon is a very affordable gaming event.  We’ve tried to price activities so that they are affordable but will still raise money for this important cause.  General Admission to the convention is FREE.  General Admission gives you access to our: Vendor Room, Concessions, Raffle, Silent Auction.  In addition, you may observe games in play.  It may inspire you to buy a pass and play!   

An Unlimited Games Pass gives you access to everything General Admission provides, plus you can use our Game Library, supplied by our generous volunteers.  You will be able to play 100s of games at the Open Gaming tables.  Volunteer Game Librarians will help you select games and even help teach you the rules.  This is a more casual environment where you can sit down, find opponents and play a game any time.

Unlimited Gaming is also your ticket in to our scheduled games (on a space available basis).  Reservations can be made online in advance or at the registration desk to guarantee you get a seat.  The schedule includes Gaming with Designers slots.

In addition, Unlimited Gaming includes our Domino Demolition, Giant Gaming, EverCon Scavenger Hunt and Mind Games Live: EverCon Edition, Play-to-Win… plus other special activities.

Q.  Will there be food available?

A.  Yes!  We will be running a concessions area featuring grilled foods, snacks and beverages.  Concessions will be open for an extended lunch period on Saturday and Sunday, as well as dinner on Saturday.  We are looking into an arrangement with a nearby Philly cheesesteak restaurant as well.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING OTHER OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES INTO THE CONVENTION.

Q. What is “EverCon After Hours”?

A.  We serious hobby gamers can’t get enough of gaming!  Adventurers Quarter, who has been a fundraising partner all year, will be hosting gaming on Saturday night from 7PM until midnight.  (EverCon at E.M.S. closes at 7PM Saturday).  Some of the games offered will be PG-13+ and therefore are better suited for an off-campus location.  Gamers ages 18+ and younger gamers (Ages 14+)  may attend with parents.  There is an additional fee of $4/person for this portion of the EverCon.