Other Ways to Help

Interested in helping Everitt Middle School, but can’t attend EverCon this year?  Or, are you a  kind soul that you wants to do more?  Here are some additional ways you can help!

ANY TIME: Add Everitt Middle School as your “cause” on GoodSearch.com and donate money for doing something you do everyday: search the internet.  You can also donate money by shopping online, playing games, watching videos and more.  Participation is FREE!  Go to GoodSearch.com, click the “Get Started” button and then enter Everitt Middle School as your “cause.”  You’ll be sent an email confirmation and then you’re ready to search, shop, etc.

ANY TIME:  Help spread the word about EverCon.  Suggest our Facebook page to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors… anyone you can think of.  Not sure they like games?  You’d probably be surprised by the number of people who do!  Know a good place to put up EverCon flyers, host a Sign-Up Game Day, or otherwise get the word out?  Contact us!

SAT. APRIL 20th & SUN. APRIL 21st: Drop off your spring cleaning loot at Everitt Middle School’s ARC Fill-a-truck drive.  Bag up your unwanted clothes, toys, books, kitchenware, small furniture and appliances, linens, decor items and anything else that has thrift shop potential.  The ARC will donate to Everitt based on how full the semi trailer is when they pick it up.  If you live within 10 minutes of the school, we can arrange pickup from you.  If you’re attending a Sign-Up Game Day, you can drop your items off with us there.  Everitt Middle School, 3900 Kipling Street Wheatridge, CO.

NOW THROUGH SAT. APRIL 20TH:  Got EverCon donations?  If you have board games or RPG materials collecting dust on your shelves, consider donating them to EverCon.  Games will be used in the Game Library, as well as in the Prize Vault.  Speaking of our Prize Vault, we’re also looking for other “geek-friendly” items like comic books, movies, t-shirts, collectibles, etc. that would appeal to the EverCon crowd.  We can pick up from you in the Denver Metro area or meet us at one of our Sign-Up Game Nights.  Contact us if you need a shipping address.